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We have exciting news to share - Antique Snowmobile Sales will be reopening for business on Jan 1, 2021 under new ownership!

Note from Rich: 

I am pleased to announce that Antique Snowmobile Sales will be transitioning to a new owner, Casey Kendall, on the first of the year. Casey has expectional knowledge and experience with antique and vintage Ski Doo's, including extensive restoration experience. As the new owner of the business, Casey will provide the same exceptional service and knowledge base that you have come to expect from Antique Snowmobile. He loves talking to and assisting customers as much as I do - and now owns a very large parts inventory! I know Casey will do a wonderful job and will enjoy this business opportunity as much as I have. 

As I transitition the business over to Casey, I have been reflecting on the many great years I have had working with all of you. Many of our customers have become good friends. I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you - I may have done little for you, but you have done a lot for me. I thank you for that.

All the Best,


Note from Casey:

After many years serving the people who enjoy the great sport of vintage sleds, Rich Hahl has given me the opportunity to carry the torch moving into 2021. I couldn't be more grateful for this chance to carry on this legacy. It's more than the parts and the snowmobiles, it is meeting great people along the way and hearing all the stories that are associated with vintage sleds.

As we transfer everything over, Rich and I will be working closely together to ensure a seemless transition. I am very exciting that this transition is underway and I am looking forward to meeting and serving all of my fellow vintage Ski-Doo enthusiasts. 

Please reach out and contact me any time! You can reach me at the Antique Snowmobile office: (518) 885-1409.

Casey Kendall

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